2D Compositor

Remoto, España — Freelance

It’s Mandatory to live in Barcelona, be a Freelance and speak fluent english.

The compositor will be responsible for the final image by combining the layers of previously created material. Although it is a primarily 2D role, the compositor needs a thorough understanding of the Computer-generated Graphics (CG) process with relevant artistic skills. We highly prefer a Photoshop compositor opposed to someone with Nuke experience, but will interview both. Their job is to creatively combine all the elements provided into a final cohesive image. To achieve this they enhance the lighting, match blacks and other color levels, add grain where required, add motion blur (if appropriate), create convincing shadows and make sure levels combine together seamlessly, keying, rotoscoping and creating mattes where necessary.

They work closely with lighters and need to have technical knowledge of how 3D lighting works in order to understand the ‘multi passes’ that the lighters create.

Basic Requirements
• Prior experience as a Set Designer or Interior Decorator in Real World or Digital.

• Understanding of lighting.

• Proficient and knowledgeable in current development tools and software including but not limited to: Maya and/or 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop, Substance Painter/Designer, Unreal/Unity, Nuke

• Exceptional communication and presentation skills

• Proven ability to be part of a creative team

• Strong organisation and delegation skills to manage team and multiple projects simultaneously with competing deadlines

• Superior design sensibilities with proven ability to actively participate and contribute to all discussions and strategy during the design process from concept to completion

• Portfolio illustrating body of work to support knowledge of set design

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