Artista 3D

Barcelona, España — Freelance

MODELLERS: Ability to accurately model 3D objects from reference images with proper topology and minimum polygons. This will mostly include hard surface modelling, but there might be some organic modelling.

TEXTURE ARTISTS: Create realistic textures from reference images. This can be maps or PBR (physically based rendering) materials. To be rendered in Vray. Substance Painter and Designer material manipulation necessary. Ability to UV models as well

RENDERERS: The ability to understand render passes, optimice settings and batch rendering. Experience with a render farm is helpful but not required. We are expecting the artists to use Vray as their renderer.

LIGHTERS: rapid lighting 3D scenes to set moods/atmospheres. Understanding lighting from the “relationship editor” within Maya is helpful but not required.

SET DESIGNERS: Understand the curation, flow and composition of a scene



. Create, design and develop compelling and sophisticated visuals for interior spaces and set designs for homes that complement the products we want to highlight.

• Closely collaborate with departments to translate ideas into compelling visuals

• Excellent organisational skills in managing tasks, setting priorities, and meeting deadlines and expectations.

• Exceptional understanding of 3D development including technology advancements, trade-offs, and the challenges associated.

Basic Requirements
• Prior experience as a Set Designer or Interior Decorator in Real World or Digital.

• Understanding of lighting.

• Proficient and knowledgeable in current development tools and software including but not limited to: Maya and/or 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop, Substance Painter/Designer, Unreal/Unity

• Exceptional communication and presentation skills

• Proven ability to be part of a creative team

• Strong organisation and delegation skills to manage team and multiple projects simultaneously with competing deadlines

• Superior design sensibilities with proven ability to actively participate and contribute to all discussions and strategy during the design process from concept to completion

• Portfolio illustrating body of work to support knowledge of set design

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